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Free Trade & Warehousing Zone

FTWZ is designated as a deemed foreign territory and are envisaged to be integrated zones and to be used as International Trading Hubs. FTWZs will be fully independent mega-trading hubs integrated with state-of-the-art warehouse and special storage infrastructure, Container Freight Stations, Environment friendly equipment, Rail sidings for hinterland connectivity, Commercial complexes for offices, Independent utility stations, banks, and insurance corporations added to recreational and eventual residential complex for the FTWZ workforce

FTWZ (Free Trade and Warehousing Zones) is a policy of the Government of India (GoI). It was announced in the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09 to set up Free Trade and Warehousing Zones (FTWZ) to create trade-related infrastructure to facilitate the import and export of goods and services with the freedom to carry out trade transactions in free currency.