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International Moving

Many people have a vague understanding of the long and complex process that their belongings go through once their items leave their door. This is because virtually almost every step of the moving process is organized for those who are relocating.

Understanding this process and its many key particpants is a very smart and proactive thing to do if you are moving your life abroad or even if your just shipping a couple of boxes. Even more importantly, it clues you in on why exactly some quotes from moving companies may vary amongst each other.

The International Moving/Shipping Company that you have chosen is responsible for managing multiple aspects of your move. They will oversee your shipment, give you the contract/agreement that you have to sign, and will be sending you your invoice for your international move. They are the main company you will be corresponding with the International Moving/Shipping Company in the event of any damages, updates on your shipment, details about your moving insurance, and about any general concerns regarding the shipping process.