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A green wedding is one that is eco-friendly and conscious of the consumption of resources that would otherwise be used in a traditional wedding. This can include recycling waste, choosing a sustainable venue and even neglecting to participate in traditional practices that could be considered unsustainable such as buying diamond rings. Many people who live green lifestyles believe it is necessary to continue the lifestyle by making sure their weddings are green as well. Others choose green weddings to raise awareness to others of how sustainability is important in daily activities and celebrations. The largest factor that contributes to the growing number of green weddings is the impact wedding celebrations can have on the environment. Many argue that without being conscious of practices and items used, the average wedding can generate a large amount of waste.

One key concept for keeping a wedding eco-friendly is to ensure that the items being used will not quickly become waste, mainly one-time disposable items such as hosiery, plates, cups, ornaments, or wedding favors. Many green weddings have instead opted for borrowed or recycled items. Another option chosen is to rent items needed for the wedding instead of buying all new equipment/decorations instead to control the amount of waste that could be created.